Aluminium Based Packaging solutions.

Manufacturer of Household Aluminium Foil, Exporter and Supplier of all types of Cast Poly Propylene (CPP) films, Light Gauge Foil and Alu Alu foils.


We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Aluminium foil rolls in household and catering application. We also supply aluminium foils for flexible packaging and pharma packaging applications and deals in all types of Cast Polypropylene (CPP) films.

Household Aluminium Foil

With an aim to cater domestic and professional kitchens, we have introduced our own brand of Household Aluminium foils. We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporter of Aluminium foil rolls in household and catering application. We have world class manufacturing facility based in Hyderabad that helps us offer products as per International standards.  

Light Guage Foil

One of the largest applications of aluminium foil is flexible packaging. Aluminium foil is laminated with Nylon, PVC and other plastic films to be used in packaging of food products.  Some common applications include aseptic beverage cartons, confectionary, bakery, yogurt and other oven cooked products, coffee, tea and chocolate drinks and tobacco products. The most commonly used thickness ranges from 6 to 12 microns.

Pharma Foil

Another major application of Aluminium foil is Pharma packaging. Aluminium foil is used in pharma industry to safely transport and store medications. Aluminium is particularly suitable for this because it ensures complete insulation against light, gases, moisture and germs. Aluminium is used in Alu Alu Foils, Blister packing and Strip packing among other applications. Alu Alu Foil is generally available in 45 to 50 Micron. Aluminium foil offer cost saving and mileage to the customers.

Cast Polypropylene (CPP) film

Cast Polypropylene (CPP) film is polypropylene based plastic film widely used in the flexible packaging industry as a sealing layer in food packaging, especially for solid food products. CPP is becoming more popular and appealing packaging material for many goods compared to other packaging films.

Cast Polypropylene (CPP) films are lustrous and more transparent with excellent heat seal strength, excellent barrier properties, good thermal stability, good puncture resistance and high clarity.

Why Us?

We have all that it takes to satisfy our customers: A wide product portfolio, state of the art manufacturing facility, customization and quick response. All this combined with rich experience of our promoters helps us to deliver our products with high efficiency and effectiveness.


With over two decades of experience in Industrial, Food Packaging and Printing Industry, we know all your requirements and aim to satisfy them.

Customized Solutions

We have a dedicated team to manage our Customers and Enquiries to provide seamless experience. Our team responds to any of your queries within 24 hours.​

Customized Solutions

We aim to work separately with each of our customers to deliver creative, customized and committed solutions.​

State of Art Manufacturing

Our world class manufacturing facility in Hyderabad helps us to offer our products as per International standards.​

Wide Product Portfolio

We offer all types and sizes of Aluminium foils used in various applications like packaging industry, household foil and pharma industry. We also provide all types of CPP films.​

Global Reach

Nath Polyfilms has an integrated network of buyers and suppliers across the world, including Middle East and Africa. We aim to effectively deliver products across the globe.​

About Us

Nath Poly films is an India based company dealing in Aluminium foils and packaging solutions. The promoters of Nath Poly films have a rich experience in packaging industry which helps us to provide innovative, value creating solutions.

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We make sure that our customers get consistent quality everytime they give an order to us. We are one of the best suppliers of CPP films from India. Get in touch with us to know more.

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